Where are you located?
As a behavioral therapist over the years, I’ve found that the most beneficial treatment plans with tangible results come from assessing the unwanted behavior(s) in the environment that they occur in. So you and your child will not come to me or my office. I’ll come to you! I will first meet you and your child at their primary residence and from there I can make visits to other locations as well, including schools, daycares, etc., so long as permission is obtained.
What are your hours?
I realize parents work and kids go to school, so I have expanded my hours to accommodate busy schedules. My standard hours are now from 10am to as late as 9pm. But I am always willing to work with different client needs and can make some occasional exceptions to work outside of this window as well.
Do you accept insurance?
I do not accept insurance but I can provide the special paperwork needed for a claim to be filed upon request. Insurance companies limit the time and expertise needed to provide therapeutic care with serious depth and substance. My goal is to help you and your child and insurance prevents that from happening.
How long are appointments?
I customize almost everything I do to each client’s needs, so this is a difficult question to answer. For the first visit, we set the appointment for 90 minutes, but this often changes depending on the caregivers’ needs. After that, follow-up visits can range from 1 hour to beyond 3 hours. It all depends what the child’s and caregivers’ goals are.
How much does it cost?
See my Fee Schedule for complete cost listings. *Please note the travel fee: There will be a $25 flat fee for any commute over 25 miles from 76102.
Can you help somewhere other than my house?
Yes! I can do school visits, daycare visits, and other places of residency and care, so long as permission is obtained.

Behaviors are Opportunities